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If your dishwasher isn’t working properly, it can be a real pain to deal with. You may have to wash the dishes by hand, which can take up a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, GoPro Appliance Repair is here to assist you. We’re a dishwasher repair company based in Louisville, KY, and servicing Southern Indiana. No matter what kind of problem your machine is having, we’ll be able to give it a thorough inspection and let you know what needs to be done.

You’ll know you need your dishwasher repaired when you notice:

  • Loud, abnormal noises
  • Clogs you can't explain
  • Disposal shutting off by itself
  • Odors that can't be eliminated
  • Water seeping out
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Our team has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to all types of dishwasher repairs, from common problems such as leaks or clogs, to more complex issues like broken motors or circuit boards. We have the tools and expertise necessary to get your dishwasher working again quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your appliances!

Don’t let time go by and reach out to our dishwasher repair team. We’re happy to help clients in and near Louisville, KY.